The Handbook to the Legacy & Odyssey of Don Quixote


Don Quixote is considered by the literally great and good to be the best novel ever written. It holds the record for the most translations, relegating even the Bible to second best. It is considered the first modern novel and there are those that commit themselves to read it every year. So what is it that this book contains in its ageing pages that has provoked such an earnest reaction for over four centuries?

This unique handbook, therefore, is for the culturally curious, for those who wish to grapple with the greater picture of world literature and its universal meaning. If Don Quixote is on your ‘Bucket List’ but you cannot spare the time to cross it off by reading the whole tome, then this factual edifice is your short cut to artistic salvation.

It is an illustrated publication that will save you trekking through Spain’s badlands and provide you with a broad image of the man, the novel and its principal characters before delving into the wider philosophical message that it safeguards for all humanity. Despite this, if you are still keen to make the trip to Spain in person, then this volume ends with a personal tour of the captivating ‘Quixote Route’ of La Mancha.

By the time you come to turn the last page of this book your reading will only urge you to pick up the original manuscript and release your imagination upon the barren plains of late medieval Spain. Once you find yourself confronted by Cervantes’ superlatively famous first line, you will have been adeptly prepared before you venture off into the folios of his masterpiece and head for those windmills on the horizon of Old Castile.



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